MAIS  produce a wide range of fittings and accessories to meet the requirements of all types of use, industrial, irrigation, water supply and others. Depending on size and type of pipes, wide range of sizes is provided with different pressure ratings. Starting from  compression fittings ,micro fittings, barbed, threaded, and others are manufactures as per international standards.


Compression Fittings

Mais supplies a comprehensive range of compression fittings for HDPE pipe for use in irrigation and drinking water systems.

  • Simple Push-N-Lock design.
  • Fast installation, leak proof.
  • No seal tape, no solvent cement.
  • Fully demountable, no wastage.
  • Full bore hydraulic flow design.
  • Premium quality of materials used.
  • Withstand UV attack from sunlight.
  • Passed Non-Toxicity test.


Clamp Saddle

Body: Polypropylene, high-grade copolymer.

Bolts and Nuts: Plated Steel

Seal: Nitrile Rubber (NBR)

Plastic Saddle Clamp – Bolt on Female BSP Threaded Branch, manufactured by Mais Available in a range of sizes from 25 up to 160 mm. The saddles are perfectly watertight, extremely simple to use, easy and fast to reuse, frost proof, suitable for use in direct sunlight and highly impact resistant.

Saddles are used for secondary line derivation from main lines of PE, PVC or PP for irrigation, high-pressure conveyance of water & chemical solutions. They are suitable for use in potable & irrigation water supply systems and are treated to withstand exposure to sunlight (UV) with excellent resistance to chemicals. with threaded parts starting from ½” up to 4” with different pressure ratings 6, 10, and 16 bar at 20° C.


Threaded Fittings

Threaded plastic Fittings are produced with both male and female type thread for use in hydraulic networks with a wide range of sizes starting from 1/2” up to 4”and with pressure rating 6 and 10 bars. Made of polypropylene copolymer material.


Butt Welding Fittings

Mais supplies a complete range of high density polyethylene (HDPE) butt weld fittings with for use exclusively with butt welding. These fittings are often a preferred option for butt weld contractors as they are compact, easily stacked for simplified transportation and storage, and excellent for prefabricated pipe works.

Butt-welded Joints Butt-welding is the most common method of joining piping used in large commercial, institutional, and industrial piping systems. Long-term leakage integrity is extremely good, as is structural and mechanical strength.

The Mais butt-fusion system comprises, therefore:

  • Straight polyethylene pipe
  • Long spigot fittings
  • Pupped fittings


Internal (Barbed) Fittings

Barbed type fittings are specifically produced in accordance with international standards to fit the thick wall pipe products produced by Mais.

Description: Light-Weight fittings for irrigation networks and Low-Pressure conveyance of water

Range:  Barbed Series from Dia 16 mm up to 25 mm.

Pressure Range: 4 bar.

Materials: Polyacetal or Polypropylene copolymer PP-B

These fittings are approved for us in Potable water supply systems.

The fittings are suitable for exposure to sunlight (UV) and give excellent chemical resistance.


Micro Fittings

Micro fittings which include connectors, 2 way and 4 way distributors, different types of stakes are mostly used to connect micro tubes and on-line drippers to the feeding LDPE pipes in landscape and gardens, nurseries, greenhouses and hydroponic projects. These fittings come in different sizes and configurations.


Tape Fittings

Barbed lock type tape fittings are specifically produced in accordance with international standards to fit the Tape products produced by Mais. They are manufactured in 17 mm OD and are suitable for connecting the MAIS Tone and MAIS Tape products. They are produced from quality polypropylene injection materials.

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